Digital Business insights

The 3 major currents of the digital revolution - more connection, more collaboration and more integration continue to impact and disrupt organisations of all sizes.

But to manage this disruption and harness the real benefits of greater productivity and efficiency requires a clear understanding of these new challenges. Followed by the right decisions and action.

What Digital Business insights does

From over 50,000 surveys across all industry sectors Digital Business insights (DBi) has developed a set of tools – RED Toolbox, EDToolbox, and a range of Export and Economy showcases, discussion groups, case studies, events, video workshops and webinars to help organisations respond to these new challenges, and become more productive and effective.

It’s all in the RED Toolbox -  

The Regional Economic Development (RED) Toolbox platform supports collaboration between regions, sectors, projects, issues and export.

It provides a platform for partners to engage and collaborate, to help build capacity across all productive industries in Australia – agriculture, creative industry, defence, ICT, manufacturing, medical & health, mining and METS, smart trades and tourism.

The RED Toolbox contains the only national showcase of Australia’s leading manufacturers, producers and services.

It contains a jobs matching tool for businesses and students.

It enables partners to work on and deliver projects focused on creating jobs, increasing export, connecting startups and innovative businesses to investors, and helping business avoid the disruptive impacts of new digital technologies.

RED Toolbox - the story

Why did we launch the RED Toolbox?


Jobs are disappearing. Digital technology is destroying more jobs than are being created. Skills demands have changed. Wages have stagnated. Digital disruption is impacting every sector, region and business category. 

The RED Toolbox - how it all works

The Regional Economic Development (RED) Toolbox is the C21st platform for smart, connected, sustainable regional development.

Launched at the SEGRA event in Port Augusta in late October 2017, the platform continues to develop in response to partner interest and request.

What Digital Business insights is doing next

Australia is slipping backwards against the rest of the world across multiple dimensions – productivity, innovation, export, education and technology.

It is time to change direction and move forwards.

Collaboration across industry, academia and government is the key to Australia’s successful future. The RED Toolbox provides a connected framework to bring partners together effectively and strategically.

We are expanding partnerships nationally, focused on regions, sectors, export, innovation, sustainability, investment and the future of work and jobs.

Partnerships are available to corporates, government and business, and not-for-profit partners with an interest in supporting and building productive industry, regions, export and jobs.

See About page on the RED Toolbox for partnership details and fees.


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