About DBi

Digital Business insights was established in 2001 to help businesses leverage new opportunities created by the digital revolution.

From more than 50,000 surveys, Digital Business insights mapped the adoption of ICT across all industry sectors, asking respondents to rate the products and services they use.

Results show which ICT products and services are delivering value to each business sector and category - lawyers, designers, cane farmers, carpenters, florists, finance brokers etc and which are not.

Working with RDAs and state governments, DBi developed and managed a program of workshops focused on issues highlighted in the research. The workshop presentations were videoed as well as delivered to businesses and not-for-profit organisations.

Working with a wider group of partners, DBi then developed a variety of web-based tools and platforms that use the program and partner resources – directory, case studies, workshop presentations, blogs, forums, news, events and training resources to help individual businesses, sectors and regions build capability, improve productivity and increase collaboration more effectively.

Visit Digital Queensland www.digitalqld.com.au for a demonstration.

The platform is in continual development with new functionality and content added from time to time. We are now cloning and configuring the platform for industry sectors, regions and issues.

The Manufacturing toolbox is the first example.

Partnering with CSIRO, DSITI, State Library of Queensland, Trade and investment Queensland, QMI Solutions, ACS, Business Acumen, Outsource Institute and the Manufacturing on the Move Linkedin group, DBi configured the platform for programs delivered by partners in the manufacturing sector - manufacturing.digitaltoolbox.org

The platform is now being configured for other sectors and regions. All platforms can share content and resources where applicable, reducing cost and duplication, increasing collaboration and helping councils, government and brokers to do "more with less".

The tools and platforms provide a collaborative framework for government and regional development agencies looking to build sustainable and productive sectors and regions.

For more information, contact us at DBi.


DBi has worked with local, state and federal government, RDAs, ICT vendors, industry associations and peak bodies across all industries.

Vendors include Cisco, IBM, Telstra and other ICT product and service providers.

Councils and government agencies include Melbourne RDAs, West Australian RDAs, Queensland, ACT & NSW Governments, Federal Government and many individual councils across Australia.