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John Sheridan

Which way to the future?

The latest ABS job figures are interesting. And also misleading.

According to the ABS, unemployment is down to 5.7%. Yet, according to the Roy Morgan poll, unemployment sits at 11%. And 18.8% of the workforce is either unemployed or under-employed.

ABS figures are under question and it is worth visiting the Roy Morgan sitehttp://www.roymorgan.com/morganpoll/unemployment/unemployment-methodology to understand why. As it says on the website, “Roy Morgan measures real unemployment in Australia, not the perception of unemployment.”

So why is this important?

Because 5.7% unemployment doesn’t sound too bad. And even suggests the country could be heading in the right direction.

But 18.8% sounds like a big problem. And suggests that we are heading in the wrong direction. Because 18.9% means less tax, less discretionary spending, less confidence, less opportunity and we need to do something about it.