Research shows that any use of ICT delivers productivity benefits and improves business performance. Productivity benefits are found in all organisations regardless of industry type and size. In an increasingly connected world, all new economic development, vision, strategy and planning has to take the digital economy into account.

More for less

From surveys of over 50,000 organisations in all industry sectors, we can offer evidence based insights into what works, what doesn’t and why.

DBi has created a range of web-based resources, which have application to any sector or region in Australia and beyond. Platforms include videos, case studies, blogs, reports, directory, video magazine, news feeds, learning centre (online training) and community centre (blogs, social media), and benchmarking tools – Scorecard and Signpost

Content can be tailored to match the economic development focus of a region – eg tourism, manufacturing, agriculture, professional services and aged care or any other business mix

Content can also be tailored to a specific industry sector eg manufacturing or construction, a single business category eg aged care or canegrowers, a cluster or group of clusters

Each platform can share content with other platforms, though each regional platform includes mainly local content specific to the region – under local management and control.

Toolbox Methodology

Project approach :          Setup, configuration and ongoing management



Survey the region or regions (or sector) to define status, identify local issues, vendors used, ICT capabilities and resources, meet local vendors


Configure the “toolbox” platform for the region or sector, localise content (videos, case studies, directory, report) and transfer skills (video creation, case study templates, CMS use, workshop and engagement program etc)


Instigate workshops – online and offline focused on key issues from research – mobility, software use, managed services and cloud, new web customer, security, IT skills, management and workforce skills, collaboration, startup support and regional issues


Engage and keep organisations informed about latest events, news, relevant innovation and updates pertinent to their business. Offer IT skills assessment, benchmarking (Scorecard & Signpost) and engage via ezine, blogs, forums and online video magazine and local or sectoral media program – updated monthly


Create events focused on the key issues common to businesses in a region or industry sector – “digital disruption”, “privacy and security post NSA”, “the new digital customer”, “collaboration, jobs and growth”, “export from anywhere” etc


Regions and sectors can collaborate and share with other regions or sectors – discussions, content, projects, innovations, tactics and strategies Each organisation can collaborate, mentor, share and support other organisations creating “growth” communities