Month: May 2018

The digital “job destruction” jungle has arrived. How do we get through it successfully?

A while back, we conducted 50,000 surveys of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) adoption and use by small to medium businesses and not for profits. We mapped 19 industry sectors and 480 business categories in depth, and then created workshops to help organisations understand which technologies would be useful and why.

The results provided a gateway for helping organisations better understand what ICT could do for them. How it could help improve communication, increase productivity, insight, information sharing and collaboration – all the things we now take for granted.

We surveyed which products and services were being used. We queried how these were “rated” by users, and what sources of help, information and advice on technology, respondents relied on.

Which was very interesting. Results were not necessarily those you might expect.

For instance, government sources of help, information and advice rated far lower than all other sources in every survey we conducted. By a huge margin.

And the digital revolution rolls on. Ever increasing connection, collaboration and integration of technology continue to change the landscape. Providing many opportunities beyond just the use of ICT in individual businesses.

And we now see that a relatively few large multinationals have grown to dominate and leverage this ever-connecting digital landscape in ways that many did not expect.

Opportunity for many has now morphed into threat for many. And Cambridge Analytica is just one example of what can happen when data is collected, aggregated and re-identified for vested interest. There are many others.

And it is unclear whether this can be reversed.

In reaction to this changing landscape, we reviewed our database and mapped for each industry sector and each business category, a picture of how twenty-three new technologies are now threatening Australian organisations.

Challenging jobs, businesses and even whole industry sectors and regions.

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