Month: July 2018

9 issues still to address in 2018. So let’s do something.

Time to revisit a blog I posted in early 2018. What has changed?

Not much. We still face the same issues.

They are all connected, but usually people talk about these issues separately as though they have nothing to do with each other. Which is a problem of course. Because they are all connected in some way.

We still have a jobs issue.

There are not enough jobs, and not enough well paying jobs. The “new” well paying jobs are only available to people with rare skills.

But there are an ever-increasing number of low wage, contract, part time and “slave class” jobs. And there is deliberate fudging of the employment and underemployment figures for political comfort.

Real unemployment and underemployment in Australia is still near to 20% of the workforce, which is a big issue. Thank goodness that Roy Morgan is doing a good job at keeping the record straight. Unemployment and underemployment is 19.3% or 2.59 million people looking for work or for more work.

We still have an education issue.

We are educating for the disappearing world. And parents are a major contributor to this problem.

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