Who are the “best of breed” manufacturers and services in Australia?

We’d like to know. And buyers across the planet would like to know too.

There are over 5,400 Australian businesses showcased in the RED Toolbox – https://theredtoolbox.org already but we would like to add more. So if you have a product or service that is “best of breed”, let us know and we will add your product or service to the database. And to the showcase.

The showcase in the RED Toolbox is the only shop window to the world for Australian products and services from all the states of Australia, and regularly receives visits from all over searching for anything and everything, at any time of the day or night.

It is easy to use – “3 clicks’ to find anything. But the more great Australian businesses we can include in the showcase, the more useful it is to exporters, importers, wholesalers, trade shows and events.

Visitors to the showcase come direct or through Google, as the result of a name search, or as result of a product search.

Visits come from event organisations searching for businesses to invite to trade shows, international conventions and exhibitions.

Visitors mainly search agriculture and food, regions, services, aerospace, machinery, medical, events and contacts. But every sector gets investigated.

So in response to visitor activity we are going to provide more search options, so those who want it simple can have it. And those who want more segmentation can have that too.

This is the practical area of the RED Toolbox.

Search and find. Showcase and engage.

But Groups in the Collaboration section of the RED Toolbox get just as much action from visitors as the showcase. For different reasons.

Collaboration. Updates. News. Sharing of ideas.

And this is another area we are now ready to expand and grow. The evolution of the RED Toolbox is organic, human, and more akin to gardening than architecture.

To see what Groups there are already, just sign up (free) and explore.

Groups are organised by sector, export, regions, issues, projects and events. So if you want to join a group you can. You may have to ask.

And if you want to start a group you can (small fee) – see the About page – https://theredtoolbox.org/index.php/about.

The objective here is to create your group and place it in the correct category, so that you can invite people into your group, but also participate in other groups within your chosen category – region, sector, issue, project or event.

“Virtual clusters”. So the benefits of being in a particular region can be optimised though sharing and networking between groups. Or the benefits of being in a common sector can be extended across regions, states and borders. Or the benefits of networking between sectors can be optimised as well. Across Australia.

We all have something to share. So businesses can use their group to focus on what they do, what they make, what service they can offer, and then use the umbrella groups as meeting places for broader discussion and sharing.

Community and privacy. The best of both worlds. And once you are signed up, all group updates come to you by email. Post and go. Share and go. We are all busy.

Making the best use of the platform needs consideration and a bit of effort, but not much. And by bringing leading businesses together into a collaborative framework, new things can happen, new relationships can be formed and the limitations of distance and politics we face in our huge brown land can be overcome.

We don’t have to be “ratshit at collaboration”.


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